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What is Actually Covered in Manufacturer Warranties?

‌‌All vehicles come with a warranty period, although this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A car manufacturers warranty is offered for a handful of reasons but the major being to cover any form of repairs that may come up during an agreed number of years. Warranties serve as a good selling point for car because it helps the buyer feel a lessened level of risk and a heightened level of faith in the product’s quality.

How to Check the Oil Level of Your Car

‌The ability to check your motor oil is an essential skill that every car owner must possess because not only does it save cost, it also saves you from unnecessary embarrassment of some sort. With every vehicle’s efficiency dependent on its motor oil level, it is important to make checking the oil level a routine management practice.

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3 Simple Ways to Care for Your Car Tires

‌Functional tires play a crucial role in the effective operation of a sound car but very often they are the underdogs when it comes to the overall car maintenance. It is not uncommon to find a flashy car with poorly maintained tires. Tires designed to be strong and durable may soon give in to wear and tear in the face of brute friction from roads accompanied with poor maintenance. Ideally, tires are to be changed every … 

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